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China Telecom Will Have The iPhone 4S on March 9, Prices Start at Free



While Apple may have some issues with the iPad in China, it doesn’t seem to have any issues with the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S is ready to go on sale on China Telecom in early March.

China Telecom has announced that the iPhone 4S will go on sale on March 9, though pre-orders will begin on March 2 for those who want the guarantee that they’ll get the phone on release day.

China Telecom will carry all sizes of the iPhone 4S: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The 16GB model will sell for RMB 0, which means it’s free on contract.

For a two-year plan at that price the monthly fee starts at RMB 389, and gives 1,290 voice minutes, 180 SMS, and 2GB of data. Although, there is also an option for a three year contract that starts at RMB 289 a month with fewer minutes and less data that offers the 32GB version for free as well.

iPhone 4S

China Telecom is actually the second Chinese carrier to carry the iPhone 4S. China Unicom was the first Chinese carrier to get the iPhone 4S. It started carrying the phone on January 13 when the iPhone 4S debuted in a total of 22 countries.

China Telecom is currently the third largest telecom in China.

China is a big market for Apple, and one of it’s fastest growing markets. Putting the iPhone 4S on another carrier can only mean more growth in China for Apple.

The iPhone 4S’ Siri still can’t understand Mandarin, but Apple is doing everything it can to appeal to its Chinese users. Mountain Lion will use Chinese services like QQ, and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the major update of iOS bring the same sort of functionality.

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