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Chinese President Hu Jintao and Tablet PCs



The Seattle Times has this nice little write up on Chinese President Hu Jintao using a Tablet PC during his visit to Microsoft. Thanks for the link, Josh.:

Hu’s visit included a tour of Microsoft’s Home of the Future, which features experimental technology that might someday be used in people’s living spaces. In one demonstration, a vase with a radio frequency identification tag was placed on a display, prompting the display to show pictures of areas where Hu has worked and lived.

In the kitchen, the counter displayed a recipe and instructions in Chinese for making foccacia bread, prompting Hu to ask if you still need a housekeeper if you have RFID tags.

Later, watching a demonstration on a Tablet PC of research being done in Asia, Hu noted that it is difficult to type equations, and being able to write with a stylus makes it easier to do such work on a computer.

Hu later was greeted by elementary school children from Seattle’s John Stanford International School. At another demonstration of the Tablet PC, Hu wrote for the children, in Chinese, “Long live the China-American friendship.”

He then said “thank you” to the children in English.

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