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Chippy Takes on the Vye Mini-V S37B



Vye Mini-V S37BThe new Vye Mini-V S37B continues the utterly incomprehensible naming conventions that seems to be a requirement for UMPCs. Aside from its "snappy" name, it appears to be a worthy entry into the UMPC constellation. Hot on the heels of JKOnTheRun’s Unboxing, Chippy over at UMPCPortal has posted an in-depth review of the Vye. He praises the standard convertible form-factor, bright screen, and touch-type keyboard – and that’s just in the beginning! Chippy includes a video showing off the externals and form factor and dives deep into the internals and software.

Worth noting about the Vye – it includes a standard 2.5" hard drive. Although it ships with a 5400rpm drive, it might be  possible to upgrade to a 7200rpm if you are so inclined.

For the geek-fashion inclined, it’s available with a shoulder/hand strap for carrying. The strap connects via Kensington lock slots on either side of the system. I think this is a pretty innovative way of having an easily removable carrying handle with a very limited overhead to the system itself. I can easily see myself using something like that.

GottaBeMobile should be doing an InkShow on the Vye soon – stay tuned!

More pictures and the full review over at UMPCPortal.

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