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Chris Pirillo’s dance around Origami …



I love to read Chris Pirillo (the original LockerGnome). I’ve been a reader of his for years, and I love his writing style, his energy, and I even occasionally agree with what he has to say . In this post on his blog which he titled, “Origami is as Exciting as Paper“, he makes some good points.

The whole Origami conversation going on is going to be difficult to corral once the real facts are out. Even after launch, inaccurate information will continue to be passed around. Chris’ valid point is that all the hype could easily result in a lot of disappointment from people who have speculated this device into such an impossibly large and perfect thing. What I really hope is that someone at Microsoft or other company is taking notes on what people are saying and understanding that there is a pretty good list of what people WANT forming out there. However close the reality comes to that list, I would hate to see that collective knowledge wasted. He is right, there is no way this device is going to meet all the needs being spouted as possible features, but do not let that set you up for disappointment. Here is an excerpt from Chris’ post:

“… the hype machine is completely out of control – and that’s going to translate into nothing but disappointment for the very people who are interested in what’s about to happen. If you have no idea what this Microsoft Origami project discussion is all about, you’re in the clear – there’s nothing to worry about. The announcement will come soon enough and you’ll wonder what all the hoopla was for…”

As I too am under NDA on this thing, I cannot comment directly on what I know will be reality in the V1 models (yes, I said models with an S). However, I can tell you that what I have seen, I like. Alot. I WILL own one, and I will then proceed to take it apart (at least figuratively, possibly physically) and comment on what I think. Is this marketing hype helping or hurting the launch? I’ll wait to see the results later before commenting on that, but I am convinced this is a good thing to bring to market, and a good time to do it. I am also sure that we will have no shortage of people out there trying to maximize the disappointment over the lack of features. That’s fine, but I won’t be one of them. I will offer honest feedback, which will include what I do not like and what is missing, but I will also look at how it can help me in my mobile lifestyle, and celebrate those features!

Good points Chris, although not half as much fun as the bubble wrap thing….

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