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Chris Pratley talks about OneNote 12 and Tablet PCs



Chris Pratley has just posted a great blog entry regarding OneNote 12 and the Tablet PC. A must read for Tablet PC users. Here is an excerpt:

I promised some time ago to write about the Tablet experience in OneNote 12 and how it has changed. This is a tricky topic to cover since there are still a lot of people out there who think OneNote is only or primarily meant to be used on Tablets. I still feel I have to make the point that OneNote was designed for all PCs and also to take advantage of tablets when used on a Tablet.

FWIW, the % of OneNote users with a Tablet has been steadily climbing even as the overall size of the OneNote user base grows steadily – up from ~5% in the first few months after OneNote 2003 launch (winter ’03-’04) to almost 15% now. We also know that a significant majority of Tablet users own a copy of OneNote – so our “attach” to that platform is very strong. Another way to say it is that although we sell a significant majority of OneNote “units” to the 98% of people buying non-Tablets, every time a Tablet PC ships it nearly always results in a OneNote sale.

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