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Chrome Apps Now Seamlessly Infiltrating Mac OS Too



Google isn’t leaving Microsoft and Apple a lot of breathing room when it comes to infiltrating the traditional PC market. Just two months after it announced a new generation of offline apps that use its Chrome browser technology, Google is making it easier for Mac users to enjoy its apps there as well.

Google announced the availability of Chrome Apps for Mac in a post on its Google Chrome Blog this afternoon. For the most part, the Chrome Apps experience is nearly identical to what uses get from the Chrome Apps initiative on Windows. Users can purchase the applications from the Chrome Web Store inside the Chrome browser. These applications can run on the desktop as native Mac applications would. They’ll even work offline in case the user journey’s into a place with no internet connection.

chrome os apps button

This is the ChromeOS button to show webapps, like the Windows Start Menu,

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The big difference here is how users access these apps. On Windows Chrome apps are accessed by a button in the notification’s area of the taskbar. On Mac OS, users access Chrome Apps from an icon in the Dock that will look familiar to anyone who uses Google’s Android operating system.

Essentially, Google is hoping to unseat Apple and Microsoft with a two pro-pronged approach. Chrome Apps are meant to establish Google’s ecosystem as the only one that provides users access to their apps wherever they are.

The second part of Google’s approach is to attack both operating systems with tailor-made hardware. Chromebooks, what Google calls notebooks running its Chrome operating system, are slowly starting to gain traction with users looking for a decent browsing experience for a relatively cheap price. Early signs point to huge market share gains for Chromebooks last year.

It’s no mistake that Dell announced its own Chrome OS hardware ahead of Google’s Chrome Apps announcement earlier today. Dell’s Chromebook 11 includes a 1.4 GHz Intel Celeron processor, 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM with a 11.6-inch display. The device costs just $299.

The Chrome Web Store and Chrome Apps launcher are already available from the Chrome Apps website.

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1 Comment

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