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Chrome for Android Hands On Video And Impressions



Google has finally released Chrome for Android, a new web browser for Ice Cream Sandwich phones and tablets like the Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime.

The new Google Chrome for Android app features deeper integration with Chrome for your computer, including the ability to seamlessly open up the tabs you left open on your computer, grab your bookmarks and more.

Chrome for Android is still in beta, but anyone with a supported Android 4.0 device can try it out by grabbing the download on the Android Market. If you have an older Android device running GingerBread, stay tuned, I’m betting someone will hack Chrome for Android onto older devices soon.

Google released a video showing off the new features, but if you prefer to see Chrome for Android on a real device, instead of cutout animation, check out our hands on video.

Chrome for Android Hands On Video

So far I really like Chrome for Android. I plan to use it as my primary browser for the next few weeks, but unless I run into serious stability issues it will be my new main browser. I just wish Chrome for Android brought the features I like to my iPhone.

Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android has a clean user interface.

One of the things I like about the look of Chrome for Android is the clean look it brings. It isn’t radically different from the stock browser, but it is more pleasing on my eyes. I also like how it handles tabs, both in the bar and switching by flicking your finger side to side.

Google Chrome for Android Desktop Sync

Chrome for Android can sync to your open tabs in Chrome for your computer.

Another nice touch is the ability to open up tabs from Chrome on your computer. Unlike Chrome to Phone and other solutions, you don’t need to remember to click a button, you can pull up the tabs whenever you are on your phone.

Google Chrome for Android Hands On

Chrome for Android syncs your Chrome bookmarks as well.

In addition to syncing your open tabs, you can reach all of your bookmarks from the desktop version of Chrome. You even get the same folders as on your desktop.

Stay tuned for more on Chrome for Android.




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