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Chrome Users Get Option to Opt Out of Online Ad Tracking



Google is now releasing an extension for users of its Chrome browser that will help with privacy concerns. The extension, which can be downloaded here, will allow users to opt out of ad tracking.

The company has noted some of the features and downsides of using the news privacy extension on its blog:

However, the industry has faced a recurring technical challenge with these opt-outs and controls. If you clear your browser’s cookies, all customized settings — including these opt-outs — are lost. Another challenge is that sometimes new companies offer opt-outs, so you’d have to check frequently to make sure you’re opted out of what you want. A better “Do Not Track” mechanism is a browser extension that means you can easily opt out of personalized advertising from all participating ad networks only once and store that setting permanently.

The new opt-out mechanism is a response to recent talks by the FCC over a do not track initiative, which would have been aimed at safeguarding children’s privacy while surfing the web.

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