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CIO Today reviews the Q1



Honestly, I am trying to find good news pieces that don’t mention the word Origami or Samsung or UMPC – and it is slim pickings out there right now.

For business folks interested in the Q1, CIO has offered up their review. However, it falls along the same lines as all the others: price too high, no keyboard, no built-in cd-rom, and falls woefully short.

This is the second review I’ve read that mentions the lack of a left / right mouse button and  pointing stick combination and that it presents some real navigation issues. Having used the eo and their left / right mouse buttons, I can certainly agree with them. It became a primary means of navigation for me and my kids. Without it, I can certainly understand the frustration .

Microsoft and its partners are championing the Origami platform as the perfect thing to enjoy digital freedom, the idea that you can go everywhere and do everything with the device. Samsung’s Q1, the first Origami device on the market, does score on portability. Too bad size isn’t everything.

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