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Circle Dock Recalls Radial Menus



Alpha7.5NewRingsI used to love the radial menu of the Snipping Tool and I think that UI approach is great for Tablet PCs, and indeed for touch screen devices like UMPCs. Jenn at Pocketables links to and is showing off the open source Circle Dock, which developer Eric Wong is aiming squarely at touch screen users. The ability to hide the Circle Dock on either side of the screen and have it pop out is what reminds me of the radial dial approach. It looks like it would work very well on those devcies to my eye, in addition to being highly configurable. Keep in mind that Circle Dock is in Alpha. I don’t currently have a touch screen devcie, so would love to hear from any GBM users who might try this out.

Check out the video as well as the many pictures on Pocketables.


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