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Circuit City Sees the Future in Tablet PC



We all know the drill – go in to a big box store and mention the word “Tablet PC”. Expect the blank stare, followed by “Uh….well, let me think…. Yeah, right…we’ve got one over here covered in cob webs, under lock and key. Is that what you are talking about? It came with this pen thingy, but we lost that years ago”.

Well, the designers of Circuit City’s new concept stores at least know what a Tablet PC is, and they see it playing an integral role in how they interact with their customers.


Circuit City wants a seamless multiplatform buying experience for consumers, 70% of whom now start their buying experience with research or ordering on the retailer’s Web site, said Phil Schoover, CEO of Circuit City.

Concept stores include “The City” in Virginia. Schoonover demonstrated a customer experience where a buyer is approached by a sales associate with a tablet PC. The associate uses the computer to hone in on the buyer’s needs: Which room will house the TV? Where will the hardware be placed? The PC enables the associate to sketch the room, placing furniture and determining what type of TV is best: LCD in Schoonover’s case, due to bright daylight in the room.

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