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Cisco Cheng continues to get it right at PC Magazine



Over the years, I’ve banged pretty hard on PC Magazine. Their lack of Tablet PC coverage at the most opportune times still continues to boggle my mind, but I believe that PC Magazine’s Cisco Cheng will make a dent there.

In the Sept edition of PC Magazine, Cisco wrote up a First Looks article on the Gateway’s M285-E Convertible Tablet PC. He had this to say

“After using it ( the M285-E), I’m convinced that a full-fledged notebook with tablet capabilities beats a plain-Jan laptop any day of the week”

Right on, Cisco! Hopefully, that kind of thinking will begin to make headway to the other writers and those that determine the Review features. I think it is more than time to give Tablet PCs their due when it comes to Back To School reviews, business laptop reviews, performance laptop reviews, etc. Cisco, if you need any help convincing the powers-that-be at PC Magazine, give us a shout.

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