Cisco Cius tablet, collaboration, communication, productivity

Cisco took the wraps off a new tablet device today, the Cisco Cius. Per their press release it is a “New Android-based Computing Device [that] Uses Cisco Collaboration Architecture and Virtual Desktop Integration to Deliver Mobile Computing, Collaboration and Communication Services.” Amazing, right?

Okay, seriously, the Cisco press release on their new Cius tablet is kind of a word salad. Cutting through the jumble, the Cius is basically a mobile videoconferencing device that can be expanded to other functionality via the Android operating system. I’m led to believe the 7-inch “touch-target” display is a touchscreen. It can dock to a station with a phone to give you all your oral communication abilities in one place. The battery should offer eight hours of function under normal usage, though “normal usage” isn’t really defined.

If your enterprise uses Cisco Collaboration, you probably have a better handle than I do on how this can integrate into your system. Right now it looks to me like an easy way to teleconference for when you’re out of the office or stuck on the toilet.