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Clash of Clans: 5 Features We Want From Clash Royale



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Pre-Set Army & Replays

Pre-Set Army & Replays

Last but not least are two more, for the sake of time. In Clash Royale we fight with a "deck of cards" which makes up an entire army similar to Clash of Clans. However, in Royale users can have three different decks with exactly what troops they'd like, ready to use at any moment and change on the fly.

This somewhat isn't possible with Clash of Clans, but if most players are like me, they typically use the exact same troop count every battle, and similar army compositions for war. Give us a one-tap button to instantly brew the exact army we want, rather than having to click little troop characters 50 times to build 50 archers.

This would make it easier and quicker to jump on, start building troops, and continue on with our day, rather than staring at the screen for hours on end. It's a nice touch in Clash Royale, and something similar could be easily managed in Clash of Clans.

Then, Clash Royale also has what's called "TV Royale" where some of the best battles, intense matchups and other replays are located. This gives users a good idea on what troops work best together, teaches players how to defend, and more ideas for our own battles.

Adding a Clash TV to Clash of Clans with something similar would be nice. An area to see some of the best and biggest attacks, unique army compositions, and other things. The same reason why we have TV Royale would apply to Clash of Clans, and surely everyone would appreciate it.

All said and done these are two very very different games, but with similar troops and some of the same aspects. Many of the great features in Clash Royale simply wouldn't work in Clash of Clans, or make current players upset, but there are countless great ideas in Clash Royale we could see in Clans of Clans in the near future. In fact, rumor has it the next Dark Elixir troop for Town Hall 10 players is a troop that was in early stages on Royale, but got removed from the game. That or it was so awesome Supercell saved it for Clash of Clans. We're hearing a Dark Ice Mage is coming to Clash of Clans.

Stay tuned for more details, and drop us a comment below with anything you'd like from Clash Royale to be added to Clash of Clans.

5 / 5


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