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Clash of Clans Developer API Released with Stats & More



Today Supercell, the developers behind the hit sensation and top-grossing mobile game Clash of Clans released a brand new Clash Developer API in a limited beta. Now this may not mean a lot to average players, but is a big deal for hardcore gamers, website developers, Clans, Clan Wars and more in the near future.

Over the past few months Clash of Clans has changed a lot. A massive December Clash of Clans update changed the entire dynamic of the game, added Town Hall 11 for those who’ve played Clash for nearly three years, and they’re still making tweaks to that update here in January and February.

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And while this brand new Developer API doesn’t deliver new features inside the game for players to take advantage of, or give us access to the Heros during war, it’s a big step forward for the game as a whole. More specifically, will help hardcore Clash of Clan gamers and Clan leaders to create websites, Android or iOS companion apps and more.


The December update really shook up the game. It took away easy shields for players that left Town Halls out to be destroyed, added TH11 and a third hero which enables top players to build nearly unstoppable armies and more. It has been a big change that required lots of players to adapt and change attack strategies, and changes are still happening daily.

However, today we want to talk about the brand new Clash of Clans Developer API. It’s still in an early beta stage, so there’s only a small amount of information and data available for developers, but this is a promising first step that will allow for tons of additions to the game in the future.

For those that don’t understand, an API is an “application program interface” that essentially allows developers access to real-time information, stats, and content related to Clash of Clans. Now Clans can create detailed websites showing real-time stats of each player, upgrades, trophy count, attack information like how many stars per attack, destruction percentages and more. Even add widgets to websites to track individual players, and eventually apps for Android or iOS.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.19.11 AM

Imagine being able to see live updated information of everyone in your clan from an app or website with one click. How active they’ve been, how good their attacks are, current uprades, how much money they earn weekly from attacks and more. If a player isn’t doing good, you can kick them out of the Clan. It’s another way to search and recruit players too. This is only the beginning.

This could allow Clans to track other players, and use actual stats and analytics to create powerful clans unlike anything before. Basically making Clash more competitive than it already it, and more. Developers will be able to get more insights about games, attacks, personalize Clash websites and create widgets. The possibilities are endless, especially once Supercell opens up more access to additional data, stats, and game details.

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Instead of manually keeping up with stats and information about a Clan, members, attacks, Clan wars and more, it can all be done automatically. Basically allowing any Clan with enough developer skills to create websites full of information and stats about their clan, its members, wars and more. Taking stats and leaderboards to the next step. That said, it’s still a beta and full “Player Profile” information isn’t available yet, like tracking war stats, but we’re expecting more to be added in the future.

We could also see tons of changes in the game from this as well. As Supercell can get ideas from other developers, implement neat tools, add new daily goals similar to the Star Bonus, and much more in upcoming updates later this year.

This doesn’t do anything for average players who simply like to attack once per day, save gold and upgrade stuff. For hardcore competitive gamers, big clans and more, this is a much-needed step to take Clash of Clans to the next level. Stay tuned for more details.



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