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Clearly from Evernote Streamlines Online Reading



If you hate the clutter that comes with most online reading, you should check out the new tool from Evernote called Clearly.

Clearly works similar to the mobiel Webzine and Reader options in Dolphin and Safari, but on your big screen. Clearly is a Chrome browser extension which turns your online reading into a well laid out book style page.

In short, it makes reading long articles online a more pleasant experience, even bringing multiple page articles together into one page. Check out the Clearly from Evernote video below to see how it works.

You can install Clearly in your Chrome browser for free and start using it today. I have found that it works best on longer articles that I want to focus in on while I read, more so than short news articles. The nice thing is, you click the button to launch Clearly, so you only get it when you want it.

You can also clip the article right to Evernote from Clearly, if you can’t finish reading it. Below is an example of how a page looks after being loaded into Clearly. This is huge for me, especially when reading longreads and other longform content on the computer. If only this worked on my eTextbooks, which are some odd PDF format…

Evernote Clearly

Evernote Clearly makes reading cleaner in your Chrome browser.

Clearly also allows you to customize the look of your reading screen with several options including night mode and text size.

I really hope there is some type of iPad and Android tablet integration of this soon, as it is a natural next step.

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