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CES 2016

CleverPet Dog Game Console Lets Your Dog Play & Learn



CleverPet is a game console for your dog that can occupy your dog, teach him words and engage your dog while you are at work or relaxing at home.

If you’ve ever played Simon growing up, you’ve basically played this game, but now your dog can play and learn while you are at work.

Three lights on the base of the unit flash to let your dog tap with their paw. Tapping the right light delivers a piece of food to the dog. As the dog does better, the difficulty increases and if the dog fails too much the difficulty decreases.


The CleverPet system uses the food you already feed your dog, so you don’t need to worry about overfeeding treats, and there is built-in automatic ordering through Amazon.

This high-tech puzzle for your dog uses the built-in lights to let your dog play a variety of games. The games include Catch the Squirrel, patterns and even word learning that teaches your dog left and right. You can add new games using your smartphone and the CleverPet app.

Users can track the progress in real-time using the app to see what level the dog gets to each day. It is also possible to turn the CleverPet on and off as needed. If you feed your dog with the CleverPet, it can also track the food intake for your dog. It is configured in a one player setting so you can allow two dogs to play a one player game or place them in separate rooms where you normally feed each dog.

The CleverPet is normally $299, but it is on sale currently for $269.

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