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Cloud Computing: Is It Changing The World?



Business Week is running an interesting article called How Cloud Computing Is Changing the World that takes a look at our businesses may or may not be moving into the cloud. Of course much of the focus is on the economic benefit as well as some of the current day obstacles. The article calls Cloud Computing a “sea change” and to a large degree I think that is an apt description. It also takes a look at some of the big players in the game and how predictions are for Cloud Computing to move from a “several-hundred-million dollar business” to a “billion-dollar business in a couple of years.”

A lot of this focus is on the back end, and companies that are racing to build server farms to support all of your data in the Cloud. We don’t talk about that much here on GBM. It is of course an important part of the move to the Cloud, and I’m sure most users won’t really pay much attention, unless there is a problem, but the companies that run and host the software certainly will. There’s money to be made in them thar clouds.

On another Cloud Computing note, this past weekend there was word that Dell was attempting to trademark the moniker, Cloud Computing. It just goes to show you that while we focus on which devices allow users to get into the Cloud, there is big movement behind the scenes to build those Clouds.

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