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Cloudbook News: Forecast Still Cloudy



Meredith-cloudbookMore and more news is trickling out about the Everex Cloudbook, after a brief flurry of negative reviews last week and word of shipping delays. DigiTimes is reporting that the reason for the delay might have something to do with the weather, (sort of ironic if you think about it.) Large snowfalls in China apparently disruputed local transportation which slowed things down. But it seems that the channel is starting to move. Several sites are linking to Meridith Farkas’ review of her newly arrived CloudBook. Meredith seems impressed by the size of the device but not with the gOS operating system. jkkmobile is also linking to JamFish who is blogging her first hours with the Cloudbook. Like Meredith, JamFish points again to OS issues and says she is enjoying the device even though it is “rough around the edges.” Both ladies seem impressed with the mobility and size of the device, which leaves me anxious to see how uses who will eventually pick up CloudBooks at Wal-Mart, and aren’t as prepared to deal with some of the issues respond. I imagine we’ll hear about that in a few weeks. If the weather clears.


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