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CNet Restates the Obvious: Apple Snow Leopard Offers Tablet Hints



I don’t mean to be knocking CNet or columnist Erica Ogg over this, but anyone who has followed Touch, Apple Tablet rumors, the iPhone, and just about anything else, realizes by now that Apple’s continually evolving OSX operating system is offering more and more features that could be added up in a speculation equation to equal Tablet.


Let’s face it, Apple’s iPhone multi-touch efforts (whether on an iPhone or on a trackpad) have outclassed Microsoft and other efforts for quite some time now (although catch up time is coming.) Apple’s coverflow screams to be touched. And anyone who pays attention to anything at all about handwriting recognition nodded sagely when Snow Leopard was touted at WWDC and Chinese character recognition was introduced.

CNet mentions other aspects of Snow Leopard that could be thrown into the equation and logically it all draws a line. As for me, I think the problem has to do with the fact that no one at design conscious Apple wants to see all those finger prints on those glossy screens.

But then maybe that new finger-print resistant oleophobic coating on the iPhone may eventually change that.

Via Loren Heiny

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