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CNET Review of the Asus R2H UMPC



CNET takes on the Asus R2H Ultra-Mobile PC and finds both good and bad things to say scoring it a 6.3 out of 10. Of course the usual “missing a keyboard” statement is there (I think it has become boilerplate language for UMPC reviews.) I agree with many of the findings in the review, even though I think it is really an incomplete look at the R2H based on my experience. I note that they run down a list of included features but don’t comment. For example I am thoroughly unimpressed with the included web cam. Not that I plan on using it much, but the camera performance is very weak (probably related to the Celeron processor more than anything else) and the included software is just awful. There is also no mention of the abundance of bundled software (somewhat unique to the R2H) which for some could be a blessing but for many is just CRAPWARE. You can tell they never really explored the review unit. I rate the review I for incomplete.

Read the review here.

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