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CNN App for iPad Updated with Real-Time Streaming



If you own an iPad, have access to cable TV and constantly find yourself using the CNN application, you’ll be happy to know that the software has been update and now features live streaming from both the CNN and HLN networks.

CNN App for iPad

This is certainly an exciting move but before you get too excited, there is a fairly large catch. It’s only available to select customers at the moment. If you’re on Comcast Corp., Dish Network Corp., Cox Communications, suddenLink, AT&T U-verse TV, orVerizon Communications Inc, you’ll be able to access live, real-time streaming if you update your CNN app to version 1.1.

If you’re not, no dice, you’re going to have to wait until the software is updated with more support. This probably won’t sit well with Time Warner customers who were left out in the cold. CNN is owned by Time Warner.

If you meet all of these requirements, you can find the CNN app ready for download in the App Store right here.

Via: Wall Street Journal


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