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I love being wireless. Only problem is that I am not wireless completely, and some of the spots where I really want to be wireless are still requiring a tether. I had not really thought about how far we have come until I read this story on CNN Money. It talks about the future of where we are headed with wireless, which made me think about the past, which made me think about …., oh never mind — you get the point. I have ceased to talk about where I will be in 5 years, it never seems to work out that way. But this article was a good read. An excerpt:

“Want to get a sense of where wireless technology is headed? Think back to where the Internet stood at a similar point in its development – say, sometime around 1998. Back then the computer had already become a fixture in a majority of American homes, while the Web and e-mail were just beginning to reshape the way people interact, socialize, and shop. But better things were yet to come: At a time when 98 percent of Internet households still connected to the Net via dial-up modems, the telecom industry was spending billions to make broadband access more pervasive…….

Full keyboard……..Fast-forward to 2006. Today, 55 percent of U.S. homes have high-speed Internet access, and the industry is experiencing another wave of innovation as entrepreneurs create new products and services to exploit today’s faster networks. Meanwhile, though more than half of all Americans now own mobile phones, most handsets are still limited by slow connection speeds. But this, too, will soon change. Three of the four major U.S. carriers switched on high-speed 3G networks in 2005, and Wi-Fi hotspots continue to proliferate, with places like Philadelphia and San Francisco planning to create citywide Wi-Fi networks…..”

Read the whole story here. There are some great links to technology projects that are advancing wireless.

Ahhh, to be untethered and fancy free…..

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