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Coby Says Not Producing Sub-$100 Midget PC



cobynot Interesting. Earlier this week, we, along with just about everyone else, jumped on a report that Coby was going to be releasing a sub-$100 Netbook, that would be appearing in discount retail chains, grocery stores and the like. While there was some skepticism about the ““Midget PC” or Poqet-Mate (according to reports Coby didn’t want to call it a Netbook.), there was indeed some interest since info was pointing towards a March 2009 release.

Well, Coby is saying that they are not producing the Midget PC or PoqetMate  and no decision by them has been made to enter that market. Here’s the official statement:

Coby Electronics Corporation is not in fact developing or producing a laptop computer in the under-$100 price category, referred to in various erroneous reports as the ““Midget PC,” ““PoqetMate-7” and ““PoqetMate-9.” Coby Electronics Corporation is not currently producing a PC nor is one headed to market at any price under the company’s name. While Coby Electronics Corporation constantly monitors and evaluates all consumer electronics categories, no decision has been made to develop or launch laptops, nor have there been any specifications, pricing and distribution channels created for such product at this time. Coby Electronics Corporation remains focused on producing high-quality, innovative and competitively priced products in a range of consumer electronics categories, including LCD TVs, Video MP3 players, Portable and Home DVD Players, Digital Photo Frames, iPod Docking Stations, Radios and Accessories.

Everyone picked this up from Arkansas, originally.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Steve Paine

    12/06/2008 at 1:23 pm

    After all the press, it would make sense to go ahead and make one, even if it hadnt been planned!

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