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Colin Walker Out Front With Windows Home Server



Whsctp_setup1Windows Home Server (now in BETA/CTP) looks like it will offer an interesting solution for home users to hook up to a server and share media and data. It also looks like it could be a good solution to share that data among your mobile devices from a central point and provide a home for your backups. Colin Walker has been checking it out and if you don’t recall, Colin was one of the first to tackle the many vagaries of Vista when the BETAs rolled into town. He offered a lot of great coverage of the early BETAs and I, among many, lived vicariously through his trials before I took the bait and headed down that path. So, if you are interested in what’s under the hood in Windows Home Server, you should check out Colin’s blogging at Random Elements. He’s again doing a sensational job.

Here’s a link to his most recent post and here’s a link to all of his posts so far on Windows Home Server.

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