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Scriblink - Your Online WhiteboardAliza Sherman, of WebWorkerDaily, has a good post on a few utilities for what she refers to as “collaborative scribbling”

  • Bookgoo – free
  • Scriblink – free. If the user wants a customized board to place on their site, Sciblink costs $9 – $29 a month

I’ll add another good tool to their list: Microsoft’s OneNote 2007 and its’ Shared Sessions feature. For students and other folks in the education space, I see this as a fantastic way to collaborate on notes taken from class, cramming for a final, etc. For workers spread over a geographic location, shared sessions in OneNote also offers up some great potential for brainstorming a product, creating story boards, editing copy, etc. The good thing about OneNote Shared Sessions is you can use your keyboard or pen in the same note.

The problem that Sherman is facing and needs our help solving: how to effectively use collaborative scribbling in business. Where are the benefits? Where does it effectively help in business? I definitely think you’d need a tablet pc or digitizing tablet to effectively take advantage of it. I can’t imagine using these tools with a mouse.

What practical business uses for collaborative scribbling can you think of?

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