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Collier Flat Rate – Tablet PC application for Service Industries



Seems like there are more and more industries picking up on the usage of Tablet PC’s – this time in the HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical arena.  This product from Collier Consulting Group is called Collier Mobile Flat Rate.  Used by field service staff to input service requests and orders.  Looks like they have done a good job to make it fit for every company as you can tailor the database and the look of the forms.

The package includes sales presentations and proposals that enable a tech to display and offer service agreements and other sales options to customers in a professional manner, helping ensure that no opportunities to sign a customer into a service agreement or an upsell is lost to lack of available documentation or signed approvals to do the work. All the pages can be customized with company logos and photos.

Some of the benefits of using this system:

  • Reduce technicians’ paperwork
  • Eliminate invoice re-entry back at the office
  • Access customer service and equipment history instantaneously
  • Increase the number of clients on service agreements
  • Increase sales of additional products
  • Reduce invoicing errors and part omissions
  • Integrate flat pricing information and quality control checklists
  • Minimize time to locate and replenish inventory
  • Enhance your firm’s professional image
  • Use technology to attract new technicians

Via – Contractor Magazine

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