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Combining Mobile Work With Mobile Relaxation



Work, work, work. Seems like at times that’s all we do. Well, with our new theatre facility, some of that work gets to happen with some relaxation mixed in. We’re in a very rural setting just west of the town of Front Royal, VA, and have some amazing views to gaze upon around the theatre.


On a day like today with the Virginia summertime humidity very low, it is a pleasure to spend time outdoors on our veranda/patio area while the show is running. In fact, I’m sitting in that area right now, sipping a glass of wine, soaking up the beautiful evening air while tonight’s show is off and running.


What’s great is our WiFi network extends outdoors enough so that I can do that. Behind the theatre where the views of the mountains are spectacular, we’ve got a herd of about 15 deer that come and graze about 50 yards away from the entrance. That’s a great treat to watch. What a joy.

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