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Comcast Considering 250GB Broadband Cap



We’ve seen companies play around with the English language when it comes to the promise of unlimited connectivity on the broadband front. We’ve also seen Comcast get called on the carpet for secretly throttling back users as well and we’ve heard the corporate pleas that they need to do something to try and control usage to keep things running smoothly. (To many that translates to finding a way to charge more.) It looks like Comcast might be considering a plan to put a cap on bandwidth of 250GB a month, after which they would be charged a rate of $15 per 10GB. According to this article on Broadband each user will be given one slip up in a 12 month period without the charges.

The new plan is aimed at better bandwidth control as well as being yet another effort in trying to control piracy. Whatever the intent, this will be a whole new debate on the future of broadband as folks argue about the use of overage charges and the size of the cap. At least time, it appears that there will be some transparency about what is going on.

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