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Come and See the Xbox One



Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox One console is still about two months away from arriving on store shelves, however users don’t have to wait until launch day to check out the console. That is, as long as they live near one of the stops on Microsoft’s Xbox One Tour.

The company is kicking off a nationwide tour for the Xbox One today. Dubbed Area Ones, each event will allow users to play games and “experience” the Xbox One before it arrives on store shelves November 22nd. Although the image of a giant white room full of Xbox Ones for users to play might come to mind when picturing the event, Microsoft says that Area One events will be much more in common with giant parties than testing sessions.

Each Area One event will feature live music, gameplay footage and more. Unfortunately, young gamers won’t be allowed to attend the event. Only those who are 18 or older will be allowed in, and the company says it will check IDs to make sure that everyone who enters an Xbox One is as of age.

Xbox One areas will stay in each city the entire weekend, starting with today’s event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Skybox Event Center. Planned cities for the tour include Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, San Francisco and Los Angeles California.

xbox one tour

Users who aren’t on the company’s list of planned cities won’t be left out of the party. Microsoft is also deploying Xbox One Tour Trucks to different cities across the country. While these trucks won’t offer live music, the company says that it will “put a controller in [users] hands, [and] a game on the screen.”

Thankfully Xbox One Test Drive stops include more locations across the country. Trucks are planned for Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fort Worth, Boston, New York City, Washington D.C. and more. Those looking to attend should consult the event map on the Xbox One Tour website for exact locations and times. Xbox One Tour Truck stops will allow gamers of all age to try out the console.

Microsoft hasn’t detailed any launch party plans for the Xbox One, but as interest in the console is pretty high, it’ll likely have something to celebrate its next-generation entertainment console’s availability.

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Pre-orders for the Day One edition of the Xbox One console, which is set to go out to users on November 22nd, remain sold out. Features for the console include, Kinect gaming functionality, hard-core video games, entertainment app streaming, and live-TV viewing in some situations.

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