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Commodore Brings Back the C64 Look With Updated Guts



Nostalgia buffs and Commodore 64 fans are probably doing a bit of a double take at this, but hey, everything old can be new again. Commdore USA is announcing that they are bringing back the C64 look, stuffed with more modern internals for this holiday season. Considered and all-in-one (you’ll need a monitor) the guts of the device will feature an Intel Atom-powered PC that comes with 4GB DDR3 memory, a SATA 1TB HDD for storage, HDMI output, and your choice of optical drive (DVD/CD or optional Blu-ray).

We’ve heard about this before, but it looks like this was tied up in licensing hassles, and it appears they are either cleaned up, or cleaned up enough to issue a press release. Intriguing, as is the look at Commodore USA’s website and some of the other products/prototypes they picture. But, then pictures and press releases are pictures and press releases.

Press Release follows:

Companies ink deal to produce new line of All-In-One keyboard computers.

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL and OLDENZAAL, THE NETHERLANDS, August 25, 2010 – Commodore USA, LLC and Commodore Licensing B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Asiarim Corp (OTCQB: “ARMC”), today announced their licensing agreement whereby Commodore USA, LLC will produce a full line of new Commodore branded “AIO” (All In One) keyboard computers, under an exclusive worldwide license granted by Commodore Licensing B.V. for this newly revitalized computer category.
Mr. Barry Altman, President and CEO of Commodore USA, LLC states “We are ecstatic to be partnering with Commodore Licensing B.V. in this new, exciting product launch. The legacy of the Commodore C64, which sold over 30 million units, making it the best selling computer of all time, and our reintroduction of this legendary form factor, combined with the world’s most recognizable consumer electronics brand, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We look forward to bringing these new products to market, and welcoming a whole new generation of computer users to the Commodore experience”.

In response to an overwhelming demand from former Commodore users worldwide, Commodore USA’s CTO Leo Nigro announced today that their new Commodore PC64 will be available for purchase this holiday season. Featuring an exact replica of the original beige chassis Commodore C64, this new addition to our lineup will include an Intel Atom 525 CPU with NVIDIA Ion2 graphics, 4GB DDR3 memory, 1TB Hdd, HDMI, DVD/CD optical drive (Blu-ray optional), dual-link DVI, six USB ports, integrated 802.11n WiFi, bluetooth and a 6-in-1 media card reader.

With the recent introduction of their flagship Phoenix model, Commodore USA has once again catapulted the Commodore namesake to the forefront of consumer electronics brand recognition. Other Commodore keyboard computers include the Amigo, a basic entry level computer featuring a system on chip configuration, and the Invictus, featuring a small portable form factor with an embedded LCD screen display.

About Commodore Licensing B.V.:

Commodore Licensing B.V., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asiarim Corporation (OTCQB: “ARMC”), is the licensor of the trademark Commodore, and grants other parties licenses in connection with specific products or services. Asiarim Corporation is also investing in companies engaged in, or related to, the development, sales and distribution of computer, mobile and multi-media products marketed under the brand name Commodore.

About Commodore USA, LLC:

Commodore USA, LLC designs, produces and markets a series of all-in-one Commodore branded keyboard computers, and other unique form factor computers and consumer electronics.

Barry S. Altman is the President and CEO of Commodore USA, LLC, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Spanning a 25 year career in the bleeding-edge electronics and satellite/space telecommunications industry, Mr. Altman founded and served as CEO & President of Cabletech Satellite Systems, Inc. U.S. Cable Technology, Inc., The Cabletech Satellite Network and United Broadcasting Co. This group of companies built NOC’s (Network Operation Centers) for cable television programmers, and cable television head ends for cable companies throughout the United States, They designed and constructed the satellite uplink network operation centers for such companies as Viacom International, Warner Amex, Viacom and MTV Networks. They directed and produced the domestic satellite telemetry downlink for the Live Aid concert for MTV, which was at that time the largest world wide deployment of a live satellite television broadcast. Cabletech has manufactured, designed and installed systems for Grumman Aerospace, The United Nations, government and private industry, and over 45,000 TVRO C& Ku band satellite systems for businesses and consumers nationwide. Cabletech was a developmental partner with General Motors & Hughes Communications in the small aperture DBS system that later became DirecTVv.



  1. Andrew Beery

    08/27/2010 at 9:06 am

    My first buck made in the software industry was made selling a game (Trek Defender) to Compute! magazine for the C64… I recently was able to reacquire the very machine I used… The Retro-geek in me would love to have one of these new Commodores… I wonder if a MAME emulator for the old games will come bundled with it… now how to read my old 1541 floppies?

  2. Joe

    08/27/2010 at 10:07 am

    I agree Andrew! I have one with the 128kb RAM Expander just begging to pose in a comparison shot with this retro “exact replica” PC.

  3. Factory Built House

    01/20/2011 at 6:49 am

    I liked the article and it should be useful with future marketing. Good work.

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