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Comparing Q1 Ultra-Mobile PCs



Comparisons seem to be the order of the day. Well, at least the order of yesterday. Both Kevin Tofel and Steve (Chippy) Paine have been doing some comparisons between various Samsung Q1 models. Kevin’s comparisons deal primarily with battery life and energy efficiency comparing the Q1B which is powered by the VIA processor with both the Q1P and the original Q1, which run on Intel’s chipsets.

Steve has put up a pretty nifty video on the UMPC Portal taking a look at the Q1P versus the Q1B.

All of this is interesting, especially in light of the recent announcments about the Q1 Ultra that is about to enter the market with the new ULV chipsets and some of the consternation surrounding the performance of those new units vs. what is currently on the market.

Something tells me that when the new Q1 Ultras hit the street we’ll be referring back to these comparisons.

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