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Confirmed: Verizon Won’t Ship Galaxy S III Until July



Verizon has confirmed to us that it won’t be shipping the Samsung Galaxy S III until July.

Earlier today, we got a tip from a reader who had pre-ordered the Galaxy S III who said that Verizon had confirmed that the device would be shipped by July 9th. This is something that was rumored yesterday and seemed to put the device six weeks behind the pre-order date of June 6th.

Well, Verizon has confirmed to us that July 9th is, in fact, the date that the carrier expects to start shipping the Galaxy S III. It did not say whether or not it would ship before that, only that that was its expected shipping date.

This is a little bit confusing considering the fact that the pre-order period for the phone starts today and Verizon’s competitors, Sprint and T-Mobile, will be getting the phone out on June 21st.

AT&T, for its part, has yet to announce a release date and U.S. Cellular won’t be launching the phone until the month of July.

It’s also not clear as to how this might affect pre-orders at third party retailers like Best Buy where, according to Droid-Life, customers are being told that the device is expected to ship by June 28th.

Clearly, this is not the news that many future Galaxy S III owners wanted to hear. A launch six weeks after a pre-order period is not an ideal situation, especially when the device will have launched on other carriers prior to that.

So, it looks like Galaxy S III owners have a pretty big choice to make. Pre-order and wait or wait to pre-order and weigh the many options that are on the table.

Anyone going to be skipping out on a pre-order because of this? Or, worse yet (for Verizon) buying the Galaxy S III on another mobile carrier?

Thanks, Matt!

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