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Confusion With Lenovo Core 2 Duo Tablet PC



LenovoquestionAfter a tip from one of our GBM Forum members we reported this morning that Lenovo had released Core 2 Duo versions of the Thinkpad X60 Tablet PC. There was much rejoicing and much linking (see Engadget, Slashgear, jkOnTheRun, etc… etc…). And, as of this writing the Core 2 Duo options are still appearing on the Lenovo website. All well and good you say? Not quite.

Our sources at Lenovo have contacted us tonight and told us that this is apparently a mistake with their website and that there are no Core 2 Duo Thinkpad X60’s available as of this moment.

So, obviously there is some confusion going on at Lenovo and we are trying to track it down as best we can. We’ll update as we find out something concrete but in the meantime, somebody’s got some sp’lainin to do.

UPDATE: Apparently the Core 2 Duo options have been removed from the Lenovo site.

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