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Congratulations to a Bunch of Readers



Big thanks to the following GBM readers. You are now the proud owners of the following:

FeralBoy: 1 iPod Shuffle + dock + Bluebeam PDF Revu Shirt + Otterbox Cellphone case

ecapimp: 1 Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard + HP Shirt + 1 2006 Microsoft Streets and Trips

Gavin Miller: autographed picture of Warner Crocker

MobileMike: TabletKiosk Tablet PC stand + Bluebeam PDF Revu shirt

MobileMan: Limited Edition Microsoft Surface bag + Bluebeam PDF Revu shirt

Fogbank: Lenovo Portable Power Kit + Bluebeam PDF Revu Shirt

Steve Seto: Lenovo Portable Mouse + Bluebeam PDF Revu Shirt

Antimatter: Lapworks Laptop / Tablet PC stand + Bluebeam Shirt

h0lyDragon: 1 Planon Universal Mobile Charger + 1 Linksys 8-port workgroup switch

Michael Harrison: 2007 Microsoft Streets and Trips + Bluebeam shirt + TabletKiosk stand + Kensington Lock cable

K0lO: $50 HP shopping card + HP Shirt + Neat Receipts folio + USB Vista File Transfer cable

Steve Holman: 1 Nokia N810 Internet Tablet


Send me a private message in the forums with your shipping information, and I’ll get this stuff shipped out asap. If I don’t hear from you in 48 hours, the prizes go back in to the giveaway pile. The TC1100 is still up for grabs…if you’ve been paying close attention, we’ve had a couple of folks win twice, so everyone is still eligible.

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