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Consumers Clamoring For iPhone 5 With Credit Card Capabilities



Mobile payments isn’t an entirely new concept, but it’s a concept that many hope would become a reality much sooner. Sometimes all you want to carry is your iPhone (or any other smartphone) without having to worry about a wallet as well. It’d be much easier to just pay for anything you want with the phone.

According to a new Nielsen report, 71 percent of people who download apps to their smartphones want to use their phones to pay at store registers.

Unfortunately, only 9 percent of users surveyed have actually used their phones to pay at registers. Presumably those people are regular Starbucks customers, or they have found the few stores that use Google Wallet and Square Card Case.

What the iPhone 5 Shouldn't Have

The number of iPhone users who want to pay using their phones is even higher. Of those iPhone users surveyed 75 percent said they would like to use their phones as a credit card, 39 percent said they were extremely or very interested. That payment method could be an app or something built into the phone. Either way the message is clear: many iPhone users just want to be able to use their phone to pay for real-world objects, and not just ones shipped from Amazon.

The Nielsen numbers are one of the more compelling reasons why Apple should build NFC into the new iPhone. If Apple can make some sort of deal with credit card companies an iPhone 5 with NFC could make mobile payments much bigger than they are now.

Google and PayPal really haven’t managed to get mobile payments off the ground with their efforts. Some of that is because there aren’t many stores that support their mobile payments. More of the issue is that there aren’t many phones that have the hardware to support the mobile payments. Google has to hope that manufacturers put NFC into their phones, which most don’t bother with.

An iPhone 5 with NFC would make mobile payments an option for many more people, as long as there are stores that support them.

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  1. gorkon

    02/23/2012 at 1:31 pm

    Quite frankly?  I’d pass.  NFC isn’t new technology, but I don’t need yet another reason I don’t want to lose my phone.  At least with a non NFC phone I still have my cards when I lose it.  And when I lose my card, I still have my phone!  Usually anyway….

  2. jiankan11

    02/23/2012 at 4:07 pm

  3. xiaobao22

    02/24/2012 at 3:55 am

  4. wrystarr

    04/12/2012 at 3:21 pm

    I’m still a bit wary on that. But I love that those involved in the mobile payment scene are constantly looking for ways to improve mobile payment. I would prefer a mobile POS with chip and pin. For this reason, I’m looking forward to mPowa’s launch. If you’re in Europe, this maybe what you are looking for go check their site at


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  6. Put your phone down

    01/31/2016 at 11:30 am

    Most people, the general public, don’t care about using their phone to pay for things. I really can’t see why this is being pushed except for the fact that CrApple and other tech companies can make billions with CrApple pay. (1) we don’t need CrApple and the tech companies putting their tentacles into more industries. I personally don’t like these companies or the types of people that run them – steve jobs, tim cook, bill gates, mark zuckerberg, bezos, the google nerds — no thanks. Stay out of my life. You are not good people. (2) it isn’t difficult to carry a credit card. You could put it in your phone case if you only want to carry a phone. (3) you can remember your credit card number if you really don’t want to carry a card. (4) we don’t want to be forced to a cashless society, so we should resist ways that the government/industry complex might try consolidate payment methods. (5) what if your phone battery dies? How will you buy something? (6) what if your phone malfunctions? We don’t need to pay for things by phone. No thanks tech creepers.

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