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Cool stuff coming out of Microsoft Research



One of my dream jobs would be working in the Microsoft Research Labs. From fooling with robots to playing with stuff that would change how we all live and work would be fascinating.

IDG has a great article on some pretty cool stuff coming out of the Microsoft Research Labs. Of particular interest to tablet pc enthusiasts is this little tidbit on an application called InkSeine:

InkSeine is an application that tightly integrates search with pen computing. Users can write a word on the screen with a special pen. Holding down a button on the pen and drawing a circle around the word pops up a menu that allows users to search for the term online or on the hard drive.

InkSeine has other unique user interface features: Making a circular motion with the pen on the screen will scroll a Web page down. It’s an easier movement than trying to touch the small box in the narrow column on the right side of the screen with the pen and then pull it down.

Updated: Here is a demo of InkSeine that CTitanic posted ( thanks, Kenneth)

Thanks for the link, Mark.


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