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Cool Tool: SnagIt Adds OneNote 2007 Functionality



This is cool. One of my favorite tools has just added some new functionality that allows it to collaborate with another of my favorite tools. TechSmith (our generous InkShow Sponsor) has released a new Output accessory to SnagIt that allows you to send your snagged items to OneNote 2007. This will come in very, very handy.

Basically you snag the screen (or whatever you need) and from the SnagIt preview screen you hit the OneNote 2007 button and voila. You can also change the locations of where the snags get sent, or have SnagIt create a new page for your output.

I picked this up from good friend and OneNote MVP Kathy Jacobs (she broadcast it on Twitter and has this post on her blog.)

Very cool. Here’s a quick and dirty little video of the new output in action. (Sorry, no audio.)


You can get the new tool here.

UPDATE: If you drop Kathy a comment and tell her how you use the new tool, you can be eligible to win license keys for SnagIt and Camtasia Studio. Check it out here.

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