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Cool Xbox One Gift Ideas for the Holidays



We all have people on our holiday buying list that seem impossible to shop for. You can’t buy them clothes because you don’t know their size and don’t want to tip your hand by asking them. You don’t want to buy them a smartphone or tablet because that’d be too extravagant. Maybe they already have more Starbucks card credit than any one person should be allowed to amass. If this person also happens to be an Xbox One gamer, don’t fret. Gotta Be Mobile has you covered with some fabulous Xbox One gift ideas.

First there are games. Buying any gamer a title is a special gesture, especially since games are only getting more expensive. We’ve gone through a rash of decent titles that almost everyone will find interesting, including Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1 and Gears of War 4. When games just won’t do, there are online services that you should consider. Why not give someone the gift of free multiplayer for a month, three months or a year? Other great Xbox One gift ideas include controllers, and more storage.


These Xbox One gift ideas will have the gamer in your life saying thank you many times over.

EA Access

EA Access Madden 16 FIFA 16

EA Access is the prototype for gaming in the future. Debuting in 2014, never has one video game publisher offered so much value and gameplay for a single price. Give someone the gift of EA Access and the can pay new releases from Electronic Arts, days before they’re made available to everyone else. Digital games from the publisher get a 10 percent discount too.

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Those are mere perks though. The service also gives subscribers access to dozens of digital games at no additional charge. Madden NFL 17 and lots of other recent sports titles are already there. A one-month subscription to EA Access is just $4.99. A year-long subscription is $29.99.

Amazon allows shoppers to purchase digital codes for EA Access to give to other people.

[ Buy EA Access from Amazon ]

Seagate Xbox One GameDrive SSD


The Xbox One S comes with at least 500GB of storage, but that can run out quickly. Maybe you’ve heard the gamer in your life complain about not having enough space to store the digital games that they have already? If so, the Seagate Xbox One GameDrive SSD is a great gift.

The $199 external device has a solid state drive, meaning there’s no mechanical disk inside. Because of this, it can load games faster than other external drives.

The Seagate Xbox One GameDrive SSD is $199.

[ Buy the Seagate GameDrive SSD from Amazon for $199 ]

Xbox One Elite Controller

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller (1)

Microsoft seems to have thought a lot of people wouldn’t want a professional-grade Xbox One controller with customizable thumbsticks and a replaceable thumbpad. They were wrong; more than a million have been sold since it first arrived on store shelves.

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At $150, it’s not the cheapest thing to give someone in our Xbox One gift guide, but you can bet the person receiving it will cherish it for years to come.

[ Buy the Xbox One Elite Controller from Amazon for $149 ]

Xbox Live Gold


Everyone with an Xbox One console can enjoy single player games. Playing online requires a subscription to Microsoft’s Xbox Live gaming service.

One month of Xbox Live Gold is $9.99 a month. Three months of the service will set you back a $24.99. A year of Xbox Live Gold costs $59.99. Besides online multiplayer, subscribers get at least two digital games at no additional charge each month.

Amazon also allows you to buy an online code for the service. This way, you can gift it to others.

[ Buy Xbox Live Gold from Amazon ]

Digital Cards & Physical Games


Every game that’s available in a retail store for Xbox One is also available through the Xbox Store for digital download. Buying digital comes with a few advantages; they can be shared easily with other people miles away. They’re accessible with inserting a disc too. The best part about digital games is that you don’t have to get off your couch to give them, they’re available for purchase directly from Amazon. Simply search for the name of the game and choose a digital code instead of a physical disc.

Of course, you can still give an Xbox One gamer a physical title too.

If you do gift a game, remember to pay attention to the age rating on the case or purchase page. Some titles simply aren’t suitable for all ages.

Xbox Design Lab Controllers

Xbox Design Lab

Lastly, Microsoft just debuted a service capable of delivering the ultimate Xbox One accessory: a customizable Xbox One controller that you can add a message to online. The company calls this service Xbox Design Lab.

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Design Lab controllers have millions of color combinations for $79.99. Buyers can add some laser engraving for an extra $10 too.

[ Order an Xbox Design Lab Controller for $79.99 ]

Good look choosing an Xbox One gift for your gamer this holiday season.

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