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CES 2013

Corning Announces Gorilla Glass 3



At CES Corning announced the newest version of its Gorilla Glass which will come to most smartphones and tablets over the next year.

The new Corning Gorilla Glass 3 uses a new composition of glass down to the atom level, which makes the glass more durable than previous versions of Gorilla Glass. Corning claims Gorilla Glass is three times harder than previous versions of Gorilla Glass.

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Corning also says the new Gorilla Glass 3 has what it calls Native Damage Resistance, which makes the glass stand up better to scratches and cracks. That means future smartphones and tablets won’t break as easily when dropped onto a sidewalk.


Like previous editions of Gorilla Glass, the third generation isn’t impervious to damage, but it is less likely to break than those models. Even screens made of Gorilla Glass 2 will occasionally break when dropped onto a hard surface, with any luck screens made of Gorilla Glass 3 won’t break as often as those phones.

Corning hasn’t yet any devices that will use Gorilla Glass 3, though high-end Android devices like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 and other unannounced devices. The first phones with Gorilla Glass 3 will ship in mid-2013, which means if the Galaxy S4 does use the new version of the glass.

Apple also uses some form of glass from Corning, which is likely Gorilla Glass though it doesn’t specify what kind of glass it does use. If Apple does use Gorilla Glass 3 in a future iPhone such as the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 it could make the next generation phone more durable and less prone to broken screens.

Last year at CES Corning showed off Gorilla Glass 2 with a giant piece of the material to show off that even large devices can use it. The company will likely have another large display of Gorilla Glass 3 this year to show off the durable glass.

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