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Corning Visualizes Our Glass Future: Tablets & Huge Displays (Video)



You might know Corning for their Gorilla Glass and Gorilla Glass 2 that provide great durability to your smartphone and tablet displays, but Corning makes much more than tablet glass.

In this new video, Corning envisions the future, specifically the role smart glass will have in your day-to-day life. In A Day Made of Glass 2, Corning shows off a collection of awesome glass technology that will make its way into your home, school, office and car.

From smartphones and tablets to edge to edge displays around your house, and the networks that carry all the information you need to stay connected Corning is counting on a glass filled future.

Take a look at this cool video, it is well worth the 10 minute runtime.

How Glass Will Shape Your Future

In the video above, you can see how Corning, a maker of specialty glass, imagines a day in the life of a shoolkid and a medical professional. From see through tablets, smart closets, adaptive glass dashboards and full wall conferencing systems and outdoor signage that can do amazing things, like bring dinosaurs to the forest. At the end of the day, forget a 55 inch HDTV, and tune into your tablet controlled smart wall edge to edge display.

Augmented Reality Transparent Tablet

One example of how a transparent tablet can make augmented reality awesome.

Some of the cool tech includes;

  • Super thin, see through displays on tablets that need less power.
  • Window that changes from tinted to clear on demand.
  • Automotive glass that tints on demand.
  • Edge to edge display so you can have a smart mirror on your closet, powered by your thin tablet.
  • Community Activity Surfaces – Essentially Microsoft Surface style multitouch glass activity surface on a huge scale.
  • Dashboard made of thin glass, that’s also a display.
  • Huge outdoor glass barriers that can display information and enhance the environment with learning.
  • Many improvements in weight of automobile parts.
  • Better solar power panels that are aesthetically pleasing and efficient.

Here’s a collection of images showing off the technology Corning has envisioned for your glass filled future.

Via Android Community



  1. Chris Marshall

    02/07/2012 at 10:17 am

    I think I want to go back to school when all this becomes reality. That truly is amazing of what the future will hold. Tremendous strides are being made in display technology by companies like Corning and Optrex USA. We really do live in an amazing time.

  2. Alok

    04/18/2012 at 1:50 pm

    deus ex human revoluiton

  3. Devin montgomery

    03/04/2013 at 9:13 am

    Curious. How will writing be kept separate from each side of the glass. Will there be two seperate layers divided by a Solid clear layer?

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