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Court Docs Reveal Retina Display Galaxy Tab Planned by Samsung



As part of Samsung’s ongoing legal battle with Apple, a series of court documents have revealed plans for Samsung’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices and now additional documents show that Samsung is prepping for a Retina Display Galaxy Tab to compete against Apple’s iPad. The documents show that Samsung has planned a model P10 tablet scheduled for 2012 with a resolution of 2560 X 1600 spread over an 11.8-inch screen.

That resolution would be in excess of the 1080p full HD resolution that is beginning to appear on some high-end Android slates today.

According to The Verge, the display would have a pixels-per-inch, or PPI, or roughly 256. As tablets are meant to be held further away from a user’s face and eyes–especially with the larger 11.8-inch of this tablet, the 256 PPI number would qualify this Galaxy tablet as having a Retina Display resolution.

The documents reveal that 4G LTE connectivity would also be included.

It’s unclear when Samsung hopes to launch the tablet. The company does have an event planned in August, and it’s unclear if the company will releasing a Galaxy Note with a 10.1-inch display, a Galaxy Note 2 with an updated 5-inch panel, or this Retina Display tablet.

While Android is a possibility for this tablet, Samsung is also a Windows partner and the company can also launch a Windows 8 or Windows RT tablet with this resolution as well.

The company is also working a a high-resolution smartphone-sized display as well.

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