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Cox Rolling out Mobile Phone Service, Cash Back for Unused Minutes



AT&T’s minutes might rollover, but having thousands upon thousands of old minutes generally don’t do subscribers a whole lot of good. They expire after a year and go largely unused. In an attempt to compete on price, Cox is offering cell phone subscribers money back for unused minutes.

Cox is new to the mobile game and plans are only available in a handful of markets, including Orange County, Calif. Rather than creating its own mobile network, Cox will be a MVNO, riding on Sprint’s nationwide network.

Unlimited data will cost $15 on standard feature phones and $30 per month on smartphones, including the HTC Desire and Hero, which run Android.

Voice plans start at $40 per month (450 mintes), while unlimited voice, data an dmessaging is $100.

The MoneyBack Minutes rewards will be up to $20 per month for unused talk time.

via Electronista

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tim Hutchinson

    11/19/2010 at 10:01 pm

    While I live in Hampton Roads, one of the available markets, I can safely say I won’t be switching off Verizon onto Cox anytime soon. As it stands right now, the Sprint network just doesn’t offer enough coverage when I make my regular trips into Blacksburg and other further out of the way areas, especially when compared to VZW.

    Now if only I could get in on some of that lovely new VZW lowered pricing.

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