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Cox TV Connect Is Latest App to Bring Live TV to the iPad



It was only a matter of time before Cox followed the likes of  Time Warner, Cablevision, and DirectTV into the realm of iPad apps that can stream live content and today, that vision has come to fruition as the Cox has announced the release of Cox TV Connect, an app for the iPad that brings, you guessed it, live streaming  content to those who own Apple’s tablet.

The app provides over 35 channels of content, no where close to hundreds of channels that Cox offers, and it allows customers to stream television on up to five iPad’s at once.

However, like the other apps, Cox TV Connect is inaccessible outside of the home. So, you’ll be limited to the confines of your recliner or couch if you wish to fire it up.

Cox TV Connect

It also includes an on-screen guide and allows for full-screen viewing.

Cox TV Connect is free and can be found on Apple’s iTunes App Store right here.

Via: GigaOM



  1. Robert Paulsen

    12/06/2011 at 11:49 am

    It’s nice to see other TV companies try to compete with their own version of
    TV Everywhere. If it only works on the iPad and you can only stream in your home network, then what’s the point? Why settle for only 35 channels when you
    can have all 250 with DISH Network? As a DISH employee I know that we are the
    only pay TV provider to really offer a TV Everywhere solution. With Sling
    Technology I can stream all of my TV channels live to my mobile device anywhere
    I have a broadband connection. That, in my opinion is truly TV Everywhere.

  2. Drankinstein

    03/18/2012 at 11:56 pm

    What a super way to alienate all of us without an Apple Tablet.  Thanks!

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