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Craig Pringle is Feeling a Little Shifty



Craig Pringle, a Microsoft Tablet PC MVP, recently got his hands on the HTC Shift and is offering up some really, really good info. He’s got some of the best stuff I’ve seen lately on the operating system and the Windows Mobile 6 side of the Shift. Check out the below bullet list of articles from Craig. Be sure to follow his site, because I expect many more articles from him on the Shift.

By the way, why we are still only seeing pre-release models in these reviews? As most people know, stuff tends to change somewhat between pre-release and production, and at this point in the year, I would have expected production ready machines. Along those lines, I know many U.S. folks are wondering when they can expect the Shift to make its way state-side. Granted, we can go to Dynamism and order it, but seeing it available at Amazon,, and more Value Added Resellers like Allegiance Technology Partners would make folks quite happy.


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