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Craig Pringle on Sleep of Death and Vista Insomnia



Craig Pringle gets the credit for coining the phrases Sleep of Death and Vista Insomnia to identify issues with sleep and returning from sleep in Microsoft Vista. As he states, both are real issues mobile users have to deal with. The Vista Insomnia issue is more than annonying. You put a device to sleep and at some point (invariably in my case when it is tucked in my bag) the device decides to wake up on its own.

Craig points to an fix in SP1 that might address the Insomnia issue from the long list of What’s Under The Hood, that Long Zheng recently published.

  • Addresses the problem of the Video chipset (VSync interrupt) not allowing the system to stay asleep.

He’s going to give it a try and report back. I’ll have my eyes peeled for what he discovers.

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