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Craig Pringle, Tablet PC MVP: "You don’t need pretty handwriting to use a Tablet "



Just a quick shout out to my new “Mate” from New Zealand, Mr. Craig Pringle.  Craig is one of the Tablet PC MVP’s that I got a chance to meet for the first time while at Microsoft last week.  I found Craig to be a most enjoyable guy with a lot of great knowledge on Tablet PC’s and UMPC’s.  We shared a few get togethers and talked Tablet a lot.

While we were there, Craig passed around his Motion LS800, and asked us each (Tablet MVP’s) to write a quick something on a journal note.  He took that to show a sampling of how bad or good some of our handwriting was.  Here are a couple of your favorite GBM guys samples …..:


His point was that you do not have to have good handwriting to get good results from the Tablet OS.  Check out Craig’s post to see lots of other samples in all their hi-res glory and see his thoughts, and while you are there, add Craig to your RSS feed.  You’ll enjoy his blog.

I’m so embarassed.  Better go practice my handwriting now …….  :)  At least mine is better than Rob’s!

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