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Craig Pringle Weighs In on the Great Slate Debate



The conversation over the lack of slates in the Ultra-Mobile PC space keeps on keeping on with Down Under blogger Craig Pringle weighing in with his thoughts. Craig turns his attention to the larger slate picture with both Tablet PCs and UMPCs, and among his points he thinks we’ll have to wait until the next Windows OS before slates will find any traction beyond the vertical markets. I’m guessing the landscape will continue to change much too quickly before Microsoft releases a new OS that might make it easier for pen friendly computing on a slate. In fact, I’m guessing further, based on what we’re seeing in the market now with touchscreens on UMPCs and other devices, that the horse may have already left the barn.

Meanwhile, over on jkOnTheRun, James Kendrick has posted about the comments he made on the recent MobileTech Roundup podcast and there is a very passionate discussion going on in the comments to that thread. This is a great discussion that I think is happening way too late in the game.

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