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Crisis #1 at CES!



I have been amiss on not blogging about my new Motorola Q phone, but in summary, I have liked it a lot.  I had not really had a chance to travel with it until this trip to CES.  I use a desktop cradle to charge and sync at home, and have not had any issues.  Ignorant as I am, I assumed this phone would charge well via the USB port on my X60 Tablet.  Wrong.  It will maintain the charge level, but not increase battery level.

So.., after one day, I find myself starving for a charge.  I am in meetings all day today, but thankfully my traveling companion Eddie VanDerbeck is on the road in search of a charger for me.

The life of a mobile worker on the road is full of these challenges, and prior planning does help, but this post is only to show that even the so called “experts”, get caught sometimes!

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