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Crux Drops Price on Crux 360 iPad Keyboard Case



The Crux 360 keyboard case is among my favorite iPad accessory and now CruxCase has dropped the price on this versatile keyboard add on. The accessory features a hinged clamshell case design with a flip-around hinge that allows users to close the clamshell to protect the iPad, flip the clamshell all the way open to use in tablet mode, or use the accessory with its keyboard in laptop mode. Similar to the idea behind the Asus laptop dock for the Transformer series tablets, the Crux 360 offers the convenience of a physical keyboard for your iOS slate (available for the iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad). And now, the price has dropped from $150 to just $99.

CruxCase is selling the case for the iPad and iPad 2 right now and the manufacturer says that the case for the iPad 3 is still in development at this time. The keyboard case connects to the iPad via Bluetooth and you can slide the tablet into the top portion allowing protection for your iPad.

Unlike the Transformer laptop dock, the Crux 360 does not include a trackpad and there’s no extended battery in the case to charge your iPad at the same time, but with lengthy 10-hour battery life on the iPad that should not be too big of a concern for many users.

You can also angle the iPad in the case and use the Crux 360 as a stand to watch movies and display pictures as well.

CruxCase is also working on a more expensive model of the keyboard case called the Crux Loaded. That case will be similar to the Crux 360 and will also include a trackpad for more convenient use.

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